• Windsor Workshop Making The Black Wall AL_A

    Making the Black Wall was a mammoth operation, but having made a complex CAD model with every element designed with minimal tolerances, we had... Read more

  • Windsor Workshop F1 Car Model Marketing Minds

    This full size model of the McLaren F1 Car is also a 3D projection surface; a computer generated animation is distorted so that it can be... Read more

  • Windsor Workshop London 2012 Olympics Scott Fleary

    In collaboration with Scott Fleary we embarked upon this ambitious project for the London 2012 Olympics, making 25 Podiums of various sizes and... Read more

  • Windsor Workshop Soccer Saturday Desk Scott Fleary

    This is the third desk we have made for Designer Toby Kalitowski, and is the culmination of an evolving process which we first developed when... Read more

  • Hills Place Hills Place AL_A

    ‘Treating the skin as a canvass,we looked at how Fontana would slash it to create a distorted, deformed surface from something that... Read more

  • The British Museum - Mayan Exhibit The British Museum - Mayan Exhibit The British Museum

    It was a pleasure working again for the British Museum, doing the renovation of their Mayan exhibit. This involved the restoration of their... Read more

  • 'From Landscape to Portrait' 'From Landscape to Portrait' Wilkinson Eyre Architects

    A project produced in collaboration with Cake Industries...


    'From Landscape to Portrait' is a sculpture by... Read more

  • Windsor Workshop Mexican Skull for 'Spectre' Premier AD Events

    Huge poly-carved skull for Spectre Premier at The Royal Albert Hall, London 

  • Windsor Workshop Mark Wallinger 'Self' Hauser and Wirth

    Windsor Workshop have been commissioned to fabricate a number of Mark Wallinger’s ‘Self’ sculpture, each in a different font. The process involves... Read more

  • Thierry Bal Jon Rafman 8ft 'Manifold' figure Zabludowicz Collection


    As part of Jon Rafman’s first major solo exhibition in the... Read more