Jul 2012


Glenfiddich Whiskey





This project was part of the re-branding of Glenfiddich Whiskey by CircleSquare and Sedley Place. The Glass Stag, designed by Jonathan Davis, formed the center-piece for Glenfiddich point-of-sale displays in airports around the world. 

We began by sculpting the stylised Stag in wax to Davis' design. This was then moulded and cast in Fiberglass, and finished expertly by hand. It was important at this stage to make sure the surface was immaculate as once it is cast in wax, its very difficult to improve the surface and means hours of polishing further down the line.

We then passed the project over to the talented glass artists Chris Blade and Katya Filmus. The Stag was moulded and cast in wax, and moulded again and cast in glass. To ensure there were no 'breaks' because of the glass shrinking, it was cooled very slowly over a number of weeks in the kiln. The mould was then broken off and the surface polished by hand, and finally with acid, to produce this flawless sculpture.

  • Chris Blade WW's Steve Furlonger with glass artist Katya Filmus    Image by Chris Blade
  • Windsor Workshop Modelling the stag in wax    Image by Windsor Workshop
  • Windsor Workshop Fiberglass stag with antlers removed for moulding    Image by Windsor Workshop
  • Chris Blade Stag cast in wax    Image by Chris Blade
  • Chris Blade Making the mould to cast the glass    Image by Chris Blade
  • Chris Blade Glass ready to be melted in the kiln, into the moulds    Image by Chris Blade
  • Chris Blade Melted glass    Image by Chris Blade
  • Chris Blade Finishing the glass surface    Image by Chris Blade
  • Chris Blade The finished glass stag    Image by Chris Blade
  • Glenfiddich The finished 'point of sale' in Heathrow Airport    Image by Glenfiddich